Creative Writing Contest Winner

Descriptive Writing by Latavia Porter

There is a girl name Jane somewhere out there in the world. She hides a secret so deep she must wear a mask. Perhaps scared some will judge her. She goes to school wearing this mask petrified someone will see her blue skin. She sits and writes in her little black composition filling it with every bit of sadness she had ever experienced. The mask she wears is as thick as concrete. She had blue skin as did they. They searched for blue their whole life through; then pass right by they never knew.

Creative Writing Contest Winner

Optimistic Paragraph- Ten Years in my Future by Khajeie Feazell

Wow! I’m still in a daze as I lay in my bed, looking up at the ceiling of my dorm room as the sun brightly shines on my face. I start to reminisce about the events that took place the lively night before. We are in the last quarter of the basketball championship game, with only three seconds left of play and the other team is beating us by two points. The ball in inbound to me and with no time to think about the placement of the pass I quickly turned and shot the ball in the net for three points to win the most fiercely played game in my basketball season. I have played here for three years and we finally won that elusive championship. I’m going to graduate within a month with a bachelor’s degree in science for Computers and Information Systems, but until then I’m going to let this sun shine on me and call some of my family and friends from my bed basking in the sunlight. After this Im going to continue my dream of playing professionally in the NBA and grow more as a righteous and spiritual person, who is determined and focused in life.


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