Bohemian Rhapsody

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If you haven’t seen it yet hopefully you have enough interest to watch Bohemian Rhapsody the movie that set “all time box office records” for biopics.

Seriously, if you guys have any interest in Queen and Freddie Mercury this is one flick you cannot miss. Come check it out at the library before someone else grabs it up!

Be prepared to sing your heart out and enjoy the PG-13 take on Mercury and Queen.

Off the Shelf!

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Free 3D Movie and Lunch for Young Adults

The library will provide lunch and 3D glasses to watch the movie.

Please call the library or stop in to register!

For Grades 9 -12 *

PIXELS (Rated PG-13)

Sunday, February 17


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Nonfiction 2019

I’ve become a bigger fan of nonfiction in the past few years after fighting the idea that nonfiction is only boring biographies. But honestly, there’s some good interesting stories out there. As a librarian I like to spread my wings and read a little differently and opening so I’m participating in a challenge on one of my personal social media apps. #Nonfiction2019 Bingo has been a fun way to keep track of some ideas in nonfiction that can be read.

So far I’ve read:

How to be a Good Creature by Sy Montgomery: a short book about a woman and how some major points in her life have been surrounded by what she loves most, animals! It’s a memoir but packs some good information about how the animals she discusses live and connect with others including humans.

Ten Days in a Madhouse by Nellie Bly: This is less than 100 pages and is available online for free. It took me a while to read because I couldn’t find it in any of the libraries I had a card at and I had no idea it could be found online. But this was worth the wait for me. Nellie’s experience in an 1887 New York asylum and how easily she was able to get into one has left a legacy and helped create improvements in how we regulate our asylums. This was toward the beginning of investigative journalism and she truly has made an impact.

The Rules do not Apply by Ariel Levy: A story marketed as grief as this journalist/writer’s family slowly comes unraveled. This has little pockets of feminism and how one woman advocated for her right to be independent, work hard, and wait to have her family in order to enjoy her career and personal life.

Down below is a blank copy of Nonfiction Bingo and hopefully you can find something you’re interested in!