Hello Otakus, Whovians, Batmaniacs, Star Wars Fand, Thronies, Hamilfans, Schwiftites, Moonies, Sherlockians, Trekkies, the A.R.M.Y., Hunters (My SPN Family!), Twihards, Nerdfighters, and anyone else who I missed. Welcome to YA World of the Hillside Public Library.

Here you can find some updates on what’s going on at the library in the Young Adult section and get connected with your local book wizard (I mean librarian…)!

In case you don’t know we are more than just a place to check out some books. We offer a variety of resources to help you find information, get connected in your community, use technology, opportunities to get out of the house and do something fun, and most importantly find a space to celebrate your passions or find a new one. Come talk to any book wizard, we’re always happy to help!