One Story, Four Pictures

Can you tell a story in only 4 pictures? Come on down to play in the Library’s Photo Booth starting at 10:30!

We have tons of props from a Chewbacca costume to big lips on a stick and a stick pony! We have our Fuji Polaroid camera ready to take some snap shots!

Bring your friends! Bring your own phones to take pictures! We’re ready for you!

(6th graders welcome!)

DIY Galaxy Shoes

We had such a fun time tonight decorating our shoes.

Art Set up for the shoes.
This patron took inspiration from a Nebula in Google Images that had a bright red middle since his shoes had red!

We used this tutorial found on Pinterest:

This librarian recommends you try it if you get a chance. I used $5 shoes from Walmart.

Book Your Lunch *2nd Week*

We had a successful book discussion last week but we still have plenty of open space for more book worms who want a free lunch. Last week we had pizza and soda!

TODAY week 2 will be at the same time as last week, 11:30, to talk about books and eat!

Book Your Lunch (Discussion)

Today will be the first day of our book discussion with a **FREE** lunch! If you’re interested you can still check out A Wrinkle in Time (graphic novel or novel) or Kindred (graphic novel or novel…HS only) and just come talk to the YA librarian about the books and your other reading interests.

The online option is still available with checking in on Facebook over the Live chat.

If you come to ALL book discussions you get an extra two ultimate prize raffle tickets!

**Note: Open to 6th graders who want to read A Wrinkle in Time for their school’s summer reading list.

Sci-Friday Movie!

Our first Sci-Friday Movie is coming up in a week! For those of you who don’t know, every Friday the library will be hosting a Sci-fi movie for students going into 7th-12th grade. Free snacks will be available during the movie. Movies will be posted one week before showing! You must be signed up for summer reading in order to see the show!

Check out the flyer below for more information about the movie!

Sign Up

We still have the rest of this week to sign up for summer reading!

When you register at the library you’ll get a drawstring bag, a button, a bookmark, and 2 wendy’s frosty coupons!

Don’t miss out on our weekly scifi movies, book discussion (with a free lunch), and the Men in Black program! Get an opportunity to win some cool prizes and gift cards!

Sign Up

Sign Up for Summer Reading Starts now!! Come in and see your Hillside Librarians and get ready to explore both in and outside your world!

One book a week is your goal! Coming to check in weekly will provide you with some cool prizes!

If you’re participating in our book discussion they will be available for check out at the circulation desk.